Tumbleberry and I have noticed the pings on our Facebook page – and elsewhere – that you’ve been looking for the update for Minecraft 1.15, and we’d like to assure you it is in the works! However with seasonal illnesses and other demands we won’t be getting to it until after Christmas break.

Right click and save this image for your wallpaper!

Don’t suppose that I’ve mentioned it, but I am enrolled in university and working full time, so my time is limited. That said, we wanted to let you know that we’re grateful for your continued interest and support! We plan to support the ACME Resource Pack for Minecraft for a while yet, and this is our way of sharing our thoughts and feelings with you!

So for now, may you find happiness and joy with the people you love and be safe during all of the celebrational cheer! May you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Well that was out of the blue, wasn’t it? I admit I was quite surprised by the introduction of adorable new mob in Minecraft snapshot 19w34a, but if you think for a second we’re irritated or even flattered, well… let me hit you with a dose of perspective.

Nothin’ to do but Bee adorable.

Artistic influence happens all the time, and is a natural part of the conversation. If it doesn’t then just why are we sharing, anyway? Art is communication, if not expression. Tumbleberry and I tossed it over for a while, and certainly there’s no mistaking the influence here.

I mean, c’mon, that’s a deadringer for our little fella. It’s also not original in the least, but as a starting point goes, I’ll say that I’m glad it’s not another drowned zombie or desert skeleton. After a pleasant little fella like this is introduced, I’m curious how the rest of the snapshot will turn out.

How about you?

Oh yeah, and thanks, Mojang!

Spectacular Hair

Before I begin, just a quick shout out to ResourcePack.info for staying ahead of the curve by updating at time of release! Also to ResourcePack.net for the exceptional exposure with over 800k views. ModDB certainly isn’t lagging behind either in their contributions. Thank you to all of our affiliates. If you’re hosting our resource pack and would like to be listed, I can be reached on twitter (preferably).

Now with that out of the way, the update process for our affiliates is largely complete. I recommend our site as the primary source, however, I would like hear where you got your copy of our pack from!

Thank you to our users, players and supporters, as always. We’re grateful to you.

Hey folks! Looks like we weren’t quite done, and a few of our textures needed to be improved and fixed. We’ve updated the enchantment table to match the priest occupation, stylistically, adjusted the tone of the brick texture and made some other under the hood corrections. The updates are already live, but if you need to know where to go, try http://download.nudgeworksdesign.com/

Updated Ghast

Oh yeah, and check out Boopsie! That is her actual name, according to Tumbleberry. Pretty cute, right? If you want to see more I’ve updated the Showcase with new preview images. Affiliate downloads will be updated very soon, but as always the best place to grab the pack is here. We won’t ever shunt ads or demands at you.

Just have fun! If you want to share it, you don’t need our permission. Just don’t make any changes. We’re open to feedback, and you can reach me – hastypixels – on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks! Official changelog follows:

<#> -- v31.12 -- Minor Update

Maybe I’m a little late to the game here, but I recently discovered PngOptimizer, and running every single png from all versions of our texture pack has reduced their sizes about 20%, and performance in Minecraft quite a bit more. I’ve noticed smoother frame rates, and that’s always a bonus with our favourite resource hungry block game. The downloads are live now, and you’ll find notes in the changelog of each pack if you’re curious.

I gotta say, that’s pretty adorable!

I’ve also fixed a couple broken textures in the 256x version of our pack for Minecraft 1.13. And yes, we’ll be fixing the horse armour, which we missed in the previous update. As of now it’s still broken, but we’ve still a fair amount of work to do. At present we’ve updated the “beta” for 1.14 over 260 times. That’s a lot of work.

It may give you some idea of what goes into each update of the ACME Resource Pack.

Finally, offsite downloads haven’t been updated, and with everything on my plate at the moment, I won’t be updating our affiliates, so be warned. The only way to get the most current versions of our texture pack is right here.

Until the next update – which will be pretty soon, I expect. We’re eager to be done with this update. Yep. I said it.

Ta for now!

Been a while! How was your seasonal or not celebration perhaps time with family? Or not. The world may be a-crumblin’ but Tumbleberry and I are still hard at work on the next big texture pack update to support Minecraft 1.14, whenever that happens. As the front-facing-fella my name gets dropped a lot in conjunction with the ACME Resource Pack, but I assure you it would never have been possible without the talent and hard work of Tumbleberry.

I could go on, but instead I’m going to share some screenshots of what you can expect to see in the update!

So, yeah, we’re busy busy busy… as always, for more information you can subscribe by email to this blog, or follow me on Twitter at @hastypixels – so, toodles for now!

So after tooling around with the snapshot 18w43b, Tumbleberry and I have reached some… conclusions about what’s being added to Minecraft. Before I get to that, it’s understandable that 1.8.1 Beta was overlooked. Doesn’t Microsoft get that kids just want to play, especially on the platforms that allow them to do that seamlessly? They did put in all the effort to make that possible, after all…

Cool, isn’t it?

Pandas are overdone. No, really. They’re not much more than clowns in the new update, and it’s shameful. One of the things Tumbleberry and I bring to the Resource Pack community is respect for nature and its creatures. We’ve taken some liberties, here and there, such as andesite being an interpretation of a microscope image of the actual stone, but our artwork is based in reality. Just as Chuck Jones’ was, and that’s something you don’t appreciate until you really get into what is out there in the world.

We’re going to do what we do best, and that’s bring out the sweetness and fun in Mojang’s chosen subject matter. Minecraft doesn’t need Pandas, but it does need more building blocks. Thankfully, the new slabs, stairs and walls are a welcome addition to what is most definitely a creativity focused game.

The new signs are a nice touch, and is encouraging that Minecraft is getting new content on a reasonably regular basis. Some players may prefer older versions, but how many games have dropped off the map because of poor-to-no support from their publishers? At least with Microsoft at the helm, Mojang has the money to develop new content for the game.

Anyway, Tumbleberry and I are on point. We’re grateful for the attention you’ve shown our effort, and we’re glad to continue updating the pack for the foreseeable future. Believe me, if anything changes, you’ll be the first to know.

I’m just guessing, here, but it looks like the turnout for Xbox Insider Hub wasn’t what they hoped, for the latest snapshot of Minecraft 1.14. Or was it 1.15? They seem to be developing features that were supposed to happen later? I think?

Like the Pandas, things are kinda fuzzy.

Well, that was easy!

The good news is that the Java Edition of Minecraft does have a snapshot, albeit 43 versions in the process… but that’s a good thing. New slabs, stairs, walls are all good news for building, and us texture artists, too. Less work! Yay!

Also noted are the following in textures: Cornflower, Lily of the Valley, Wither Rose, Bamboo, Crossbow (w00t), four new banner patterns, Pillager and Illager Beast, new signs for all six types of wood and new textures for several of the dyes. That means Ink Sac no longer applies as black dye.

Anyway, if it helps for me to post more information about the development process, and you’d like to know more, just let me know! You know? I don’t if you don’t… I could easily start posting videos about this sort of stuff, too.

We’re more affiliated with them, than them us, but hey, it’s a good way for you to be sure you’re getting the most current version of our pack if that’s how you prefer to get them.

There were some hiccups with the updates at ModDB, but for those of you who use it, I’m still fully supporting our offerings there. Firefox just didn’t… play nice with the preview images I wanted to upload, and somehow older images were substituted. All’s fixed now, and the latest version of our pack have been uploaded, so have at it!

On a similar note, I’m wondering just how many of you would be interested in having access to the ACME Resource Pack in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft? I’ve always appreciated the feedback we get, but you ladies, gents, friends and fans are a quiet lot. It would really help me to know if that’s something we should pursue.

I mention this because Microsoft requires their partners to be registered as a business, and the end result would mean charging for ACME Resource Pack. That’s something I said we wouldn’t do, and it’s not something that particularly interests me. However, Microsoft is trying to steer away from supporting the Java Edition of Minecraft, and it feels too soon for our six year endeavour to end, just yet.

Why would it end? I’m sure a few of you appreciate that our only access to the vanilla texture pack raw files are a natural consequence of it being in Java. Logically, Microsoft wants to make money on its IP, but it’s going to get dicey if the trend of no access to snapshots continues. Not to be an alarmist, but as it stands now the only way to get access to pre-release content is through Microsoft’s Xbox Insider Hub.

This doesn’t grant access to raw files we can use to update the ACME Resource Pack. So… with all that said, I highly encourage you to let me know, by Twitter at @hastypixels or a comment on this post! Would you like to see the ACME Resource Pack on Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

Thank you.

So this is what happens when you don’t follow those little nudges… maps get borked. Thankfully digging around in a potential version of the texture pack for Minecraft Bedrock, I happened into my mistake. Fortunately it only affected the latest version of the pack, and I’ve already fixed it. So, if you’re missing out on that particular functionality, head on over to the download page and grab the latest update to version 24.94! Affiliate links will be updated in due course.

Changelog follows.

<#> — v24.94 — Minecraft 1.13