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So this is what happens when you don’t follow those little nudges… maps get borked. Thankfully digging around in a potential version of the texture pack for Minecraft Bedrock, I happened into my mistake. Fortunately it only affected the latest version of the pack, and I’ve already fixed it. So, if you’re missing out on that particular functionality, head on over to the download page and grab the latest update to version 24.94! Affiliate links will be updated in due course.

Changelog follows.

<#> — v24.94 — Minecraft 1.13

The bad news is that the shulker textures in the ACME Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.11 and 1.12 were the wrong size in addition to 64x. The good news is they’re all fixed and the downloads are live right now. My apologies for any undue crashes… I can’t be certain why these versions tested well with my hardware. Minecraft has no sense of scale, so it’s possible to mix resolutions and get away with it in some cases.

I mean, weird, right?

You’re looking for the version numbers as listed below, and the changelog is the same for all versions of the texture pack. Thank you.

ACME Pack 128x and 256x v13.07 to v13.23 for Minecraft 1.11.x
ACME Pack 128x and 256x  v13.98 to v14.13 for Minecraft 1.12.x

>> textures/entity/shulker/

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After some wrestling with my “media production hardware”, I have uploaded our new demo video to YouTube! Wrangling the parrots was the easy part, good gravy.  I will be doing more like this, and migrating the videos from my pixelkickers account to hastypixels, so life makes a little more sense. Too much, too soon.

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Thank you.

Good news, now glass panes look less terrible nice on top! Downloads of the updated version are now live, so drop by to grab the latest version! On the down side, “regular” glass will have to remain unchanged until Mojang does indeed suss out transparencies for placed glass. Hit me up on Patreon or Facebook if you want to know what’s still broken.

Thank you for your feedback so far, it’s helping in addressing potential issues with the pack, and I’m doing my best to address them. As always, you can find us on Twitter, Facebook and Patreon! We’d love to see your builds, maps, and creations! Remember, this pack is for you.

=> Updated
>> textures/blocks/
>> textures/map/

Tumbleberry has been toiling away for days on end drawing the parrots for this ridiculous wonderful 1.12 update for Minecraft. Those parrots… those parrots! Well, we’re nearly there. We will be testing the textures for release early next week. Hopefully Monday. Summer break is flying away, isn’t it?

By the way, how do you like the changes to the side panel? The idea is to make it more serviceable, and while I’ve got ideas for a new site, because it’s about time for an update, I’ve not actually done anything about it. Yet. So stay tooned.

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None too soon, we’ve updated the resource pack for the newly included “iron nugget”. Downloads are live now at our main site, and While I’m about it, I know there may not seem much to look forward to in 2017, but let us turn to our family and loved ones in these difficult times.

Family is why Tumbleberry and I made this resource pack, after all. Our prayers are with those who struggle, and hold to the truth. Remember those who love you … give them an indication for your gratitude before the year is out.

With much love,

Hastypixels and Tumbleberry.

Can you believe it? I can’t believe it. Well, yes, I actually can, but … here we are folks! ACME Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.11 … downloads are live! What else to say? I’ll be updating our Affiliate links during the week, and working on new preview videos based on the style of our Gingerbread Kit video.

Thank you for all of your sharing, reviews, and feedback. This pack is for you. Please drop us a line on Twitter, Patreon or Facebook! Here’s a snippet of the changelog:

>> textures/blocks/
-> wool_colored_white
-> wool_colored_red
-> structure_block
-> structure_block_corner
-> structure_block_data
-> structure_block_load
-> structure_block_save
>> textures/gui/container/creative_inventory
-> tab_inventory
-> tab_item_search
-> tab_items
-> tabs
>> textures/gui/container/
-> anvil
-> beacon
-> brewing_stand
-> crafting_table
-> dispenser
-> enchanting_table
-> furnace
-> generic_54
-> hopper
-> horse
-> shulker_box
-> stats_icons
-> villager
>> textures/gui/
-> demo_background
>> textures/items
-> shulker_shell
>> “root”
-> pack
>> textures/block/
-> bone_block_side
-> bone_block_top
-> observer_back
-> observer_back_lit
-> observer_block
-> observer_front
-> observer_side
-> observer_top
-> shulker_top_black
-> shulker_top_blue
-> shulker_top_brown
-> shulker_top_gray
-> shulker_top_green
-> shulker_top_light_blue
-> shulker_top_lime
-> shulker_top_magenta
-> shulker_top_orange
-> shulker_top_pink
-> shulker_top_purple
-> shulker_top_red
-> shulker_top_white
-> shulker_top_yellow
>> textures/item/
-> totem
>> textures/entity/illager
-> vindicator
-> vex
-> evoker
-> fangs
>> textures/entity/llama
-> llama_brown
-> llama_creamy
-> llama_gray
-> llama_white
>> texture/entity/llama/decor
-> decor_black
-> decor_blue
-> decor_brown
-> decor_cyan
-> decor_gray
-> decor_green
-> decor_light_blue
-> decor_lime
-> decor_magenta
-> decor_orange
-> decor_pink
-> decor_purple
-> decor_red
-> decor_silver
-> decor_white
-> decor_yellow
>> textures/entity/shulker
-> shulker_black
-> shulker_blue
-> shulker_brown
-> shulker_cyan
-> shulker_gray
-> shulker_green
-> shulker_light_blue
-> shulker_lime
-> shulker_magenta
-> shulker_orange
-> shulker_pink
-> shulker_purple
-> shulker_red
-> shulker_silver
-> shulker_white
-> shulker_yellow
>> realms/textures/gui/realms
-> accept_icon
-> configure_icon
-> cross_icon
-> cross_player_icon
-> empty_frame
-> expired_icon
-> expires_soon_icon
-> invitation_icons
-> leave_icon
-> off_icon
-> on_icon
-> op_icon
-> questionmark
-> reject_icon
-> restore_icon
-> restore_icon
-> trailer_icon
-> trial_icon
-> user_icon

Yes, it’s all there. We even caught up with the missing textures from Minecraft 1.10. Oops. Anyway, it’s likely I’ll be updating the Gingerbread Kit and Gingerbread Combo Kit during my winter break, so stay tooned to our Patreon page for more information.

We’ll be releasing ACME Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.11 tomorrow, but in the meantime, all previous version of the resource and texture packs have been updated with our new artwork.


We did it! And boy howdy did we answer the … ahem, cherry picking … of certain textures that took place. Seriously guys, we appreciate the flattery, but this is becoming a habit.

We’ve covered every new texture in the Minecraft 1.10 “Frostburn Update” , of course, and you’ll appreciate Tumble’s charming humour with the new mobs. I took the nether brick block for a stroll and came back with a monster. You’ll see what I mean.

Enough about that. The downloads page has been updated with the new links! Be advised that we’ve made good on our promise to discontinue 512x resolution. Even with 16GB of RAM and a 4GB graphics card it’s still untenable to test, and that’s just not worth it.

Who wants to ship a broken product? Yeah, not us. Anyway, enjoy! I’ll be updating our affiliate sites tomorrow with the updated texture pack. Toodles!