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Hey folks! Looks like we weren’t quite done, and a few of our textures needed to be improved and fixed. We’ve updated the enchantment table to match the priest occupation, stylistically, adjusted the tone of the brick texture and made some other under the hood corrections. The updates are already live, but if you need to know where to go, try http://download.nudgeworksdesign.com/

Updated Ghast

Oh yeah, and check out Boopsie! That is her actual name, according to Tumbleberry. Pretty cute, right? If you want to see more I’ve updated the Showcase with new preview images. Affiliate downloads will be updated very soon, but as always the best place to grab the pack is here. We won’t ever shunt ads or demands at you.

Just have fun! If you want to share it, you don’t need our permission. Just don’t make any changes. We’re open to feedback, and you can reach me – hastypixels – on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks! Official changelog follows:

<#> -- v31.12 -- Minor Update

So this is what happens when you don’t follow those little nudges… maps get borked. Thankfully digging around in a potential version of the texture pack for Minecraft Bedrock, I happened into my mistake. Fortunately it only affected the latest version of the pack, and I’ve already fixed it. So, if you’re missing out on that particular functionality, head on over to the download page and grab the latest update to version 24.94! Affiliate links will be updated in due course.

Changelog follows.

<#> — v24.94 — Minecraft 1.13

We did it! And boy howdy did we answer the … ahem, cherry picking … of certain textures that took place. Seriously guys, we appreciate the flattery, but this is becoming a habit.

We’ve covered every new texture in the Minecraft 1.10 “Frostburn Update” , of course, and you’ll appreciate Tumble’s charming humour with the new mobs. I took the nether brick block for a stroll and came back with a monster. You’ll see what I mean.

Enough about http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/womans-health/ that. The downloads page has been updated with the new links! Be advised that we’ve made good on our promise to discontinue 512x resolution. Even with 16GB of RAM and a 4GB graphics card it’s still untenable to test, and that’s just not worth it.

Who wants to ship a broken product? Yeah, not us. Anyway, enjoy! I’ll be updating our affiliate sites tomorrow with the updated texture pack. Toodles!


We’re working our busy fingers off on the update for all of the new stuff in Minecraft 1.9. We’ve got a twist for the new zombie villagers, brand new effects icons that more accurately match what they are, and a slew of other stuff.

Projected release date? Two weeks? You know, under http://www.buyambienmed.com/buy-ambien-online/ promise, over deliver. I’m throwing out irregular updates on twitter via @hastypixels if you want to follow along or ask me questions, like what is LGR?

Or not. Either’s fine. I’ll be updating this site first when we’ve got an update for the pack. In the meantime, we’re on it!