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Well that was out of the blue, wasn’t it? I admit I was quite surprised by the introduction of adorable new mob in Minecraft snapshot 19w34a, but if you think for a second we’re irritated or even flattered, well… let me hit you with a dose of perspective.

Nothin’ to do but Bee adorable.

Artistic influence happens all the time, and is a natural part of the conversation. If it doesn’t then just why are we sharing, anyway? Art is communication, if not expression. Tumbleberry and I tossed it over for a while, and certainly there’s no mistaking the influence here.

I mean, c’mon, that’s a deadringer for our little fella. It’s also not original in the least, but as a starting point goes, I’ll say that I’m glad it’s not another drowned zombie or desert skeleton. After a pleasant little fella like this is introduced, I’m curious how the rest of the snapshot will turn out.

How about you?

Oh yeah, and thanks, Mojang!