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Tumbleberry and I have noticed the pings on our Facebook page – and elsewhere – that you’ve been looking for the update for Minecraft 1.15, and we’d like to assure you it is in the works! However with seasonal illnesses and other demands we won’t be getting to it until after Christmas break.

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Don’t suppose that I’ve mentioned it, but I am enrolled in university and working full time, so my time is limited. That said, we wanted to let you know that we’re grateful for your continued interest and support! We plan to support the ACME Resource Pack for Minecraft for a while yet, and this is our way of sharing our thoughts and feelings with you!

So for now, may you find happiness and joy with the people you love and be safe during all of the celebrational cheer! May you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Making some adjustments to to improve the usability of the site, so while I’m puttering around, feel free to leave feedback! We’re heading toward a major update of ACME Pack, and in interest of that you might like the look of Grumpy & Iduno’s new web comic!

It represents the degree of polish you can expect to see in the update. A weekly update schedule is planned for the next few months, so subscribe if you like what you see. Grumpy & Iduno will update every Saturday.