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We’re more affiliated with them, than them us, but hey, it’s a good way for you to be sure you’re getting the most current version of our pack if that’s how you prefer to get them.

There were some hiccups with the updates at ModDB, but for those of you who use it, I’m still fully supporting our offerings there. Firefox just didn’t… play nice with the preview images I wanted to upload, and somehow older images were substituted. All’s fixed now, and the latest version of our pack have been uploaded, so have at it!

On a similar note, I’m wondering just how many of you would be interested in having access to the ACME Resource Pack in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft? I’ve always appreciated the feedback we get, but you ladies, gents, friends and fans are a quiet lot. It would really help me to know if that’s something we should pursue.

I mention this because Microsoft requires their partners to be registered as a business, and the end result would mean charging for ACME Resource Pack. That’s something I said we wouldn’t do, and it’s not something that particularly interests me. However, Microsoft is trying to steer away from supporting the Java Edition of Minecraft, and it feels too soon for our six year endeavour to end, just yet.

Why would it end? I’m sure a few of you appreciate that our only access to the vanilla texture pack raw files are a natural consequence of it being in Java. Logically, Microsoft wants to make money on its IP, but it’s going to get dicey if the trend of no access to snapshots continues. Not to be an alarmist, but as it stands now the only way to get access to pre-release content is through Microsoft’s Xbox Insider Hub.

This doesn’t grant access to raw files we can use to update the ACME Resource Pack. So… with all that said, I highly encourage you to let me know, by Twitter at @hastypixels or a comment on this post! Would you like to see the ACME Resource Pack on Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

Thank you.

That title kinda reminds me of those Dilbert pun-ish-mints, you know… “Managemints”, etc. Heh. Ahem! Where is the latest version of ACME Resource Pack? You guys are wonderfully patient. I’d like to assure you that Tumbleberry and I are working hard on the new textures. It’s not just us, right? Those parrot textures are have their own design flavour, and certainly aren’t what we would have done.

Moving on.

As it happens I’m also announcing our official support for Minecraft Portable Edition (MCPE), which will be freely available…when it’s ready. I’ve just begun to list the internal distinctions between the Resource Pack and what Micro…er, Mojang is calling “Add Ons”. The good news the MCPE team has done a commendable job of making its edition streamlined, so there’s not much work to be done with the majority of textures. That’s great, because it shaves months off the projected launch schedule.

Honestly, it’s more like “more sooner than later” sort of thing. You see, there are four different sets of Graphical User Interface assets that will have to be made from scratch for ACME Pack for MCPE, and as we’re in the habit of releasing only complete products, you can imagine this may take awhile. We will release the Resource Pack when it’s ready, and I’ll keep y’all updated on the progress of the ACME Pack Resource…Pack…Add On…thing.

Gonna need a better name for it, too.

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So many things have changed since the last update: We have our own homepage and hosting solution now, we have surpassed 100,000 downloads, had our textures and splash texts cherry-picked by Mojang in advance of its sale to Microsoft, just as others have.

Tumbleberry and I discussed the issue thoroughly, and in the end the experience is what matters, not paycheque. Clearly if it did, we wouldn’t be making a modification for Minecraft. Now that Microsoft will be assuming control, we are going to continue updating the texture pack as usual. We are hopeful that Microsoft’s expertise will improve Minecraft as a creative tool for all of us.

Above all else Minecraft enables previously unrealized creativity and social interaction. How many have sat down to watch someone build Lego? Tens of millions watch others play and build in Minecraft, to the extent that Microsoft is paying for the audience, not the product. May that be the guiding principle as development continues.

Promised features, bug fixes and community attentiveness have all been inconsistent under the stewardship of Mojang, which, like other home-grown Indie houses, lack experience at the international support level. I am assured, if nothing else, by Microsoft’s past experience in this arena. While not always positive, they do have a lot of it.

The fact is that Minecraft reached millions more than it would have thanks to the XBox 360 and PS3, and increased audience can only do more good in this type of game: Our creativity is at the heart of its success, after all. We made Minecraft the success it has become, let us not forget that.

What will you be creating? We’re excited to find out!