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I’m just guessing, here, but it looks like the turnout for Xbox Insider Hub wasn’t what they hoped, for the latest snapshot of Minecraft 1.14. Or was it 1.15? They seem to be developing features that were supposed to happen later? I think?

Like the Pandas, things are kinda fuzzy.

Well, that was easy!

The good news is that the Java Edition of Minecraft does have a snapshot, albeit 43 versions in the process… but that’s a good thing. New slabs, stairs, walls are all good news for building, and us texture artists, too. Less work! Yay!

Also noted are the following in textures: Cornflower, Lily of the Valley, Wither Rose, Bamboo, Crossbow (w00t), four new banner patterns, Pillager and Illager Beast, new signs for all six types of wood and new textures for several of the dyes. That means Ink Sac no longer applies as black dye.

Anyway, if it helps for me to post more information about the development process, and you’d like to know more, just let me know! You know? I don’t if you don’t… I could easily start posting videos about this sort of stuff, too.